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Current projects / Iberia Hills
The development of the «Iberia Hills» project
is maintained by the Metra Development company.
Iberia Hills
The property is located in Bagebi, one of the most prestigious districts in Tbilisi at the beginning of Tbilisi-Tskneti highway, on a hill slope. The property is based on 5,5 hectares (i.e. 55 000 square meters) land plot. The main focus of the design and planning stage was to maintain harmonious balance between the construction zone and green zone. .

The indicated land plot is surrounded by Tbilisi-Tskneti highway on the North, by the existing Bagebi green zone on South and East, and the private land plots on the West.

The property is surrounded by pine trees. In order to protect ecological factors and to preserve green area the construction area will be minimized.

The development consists of 20-22 residential houses. The complex will include public recreational center, which will include swimming pool, kindergarten, consumer shopping services: grocery and convenient stores and other offices for administrative purposes.

Number of stories of residential houses is ranging between 2 to 4 . Property includes the sectional 1-2 entrance houses with various size apartments. On the upper floors the penthouses will be located. Apartment sizes will vary between 46 and 205 square meters in 20 square meter increments, providing buyers with wide range of selection.
Each apartment is accompanied by one underground parking connected with the dwelling floors by elevators. In addition, most apartments will have storage facilities.

Residential Complex in Bagebi has been designed at “Iberia Architectural Studio”, by the following architects:

1) Gocha Mikiashvili;
2) Givi Shavdia;
3) Merab Bolkvadze
4) Zaza Matiashvili
5) Beso Tatishvili
6) Dato Chikovani

Success of the Project:

a) Union of Architects of Georgia Competition – “City Construction” – I st place;

b) International Architectural Exhibition “The Golden Kapitelium”,
nomination “ The Best Architectural Project” – III place.

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