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Iberia Real Estate is a leading Georgian real estate development and construction company. The company primarily focuses on the premium class residential real estate in upscale neighborhoods of Tbilisi.
Iberia was established in 1999 and completed its first residential development in October 2002.
Iberia operates through two main divisions: (i) Real Estate Development Division and (ii) Construction Division.   
Today, Iberia is one of the largest and fastest growing companies operating in the real estate market in Georgia with solid pipeline of unique interesting projects.

Our success is built on

•    Well recognized brand name considered as a « top tier » real estate developer
•    Strong management team which combines extensive local real estate expertise and industry knowledge
•    Top-class in-house architectural studio and construction capabilities
•    End-to-end quality control
•    Effective management of construction timetable
•    Strong commitment to transparency of our organizational structure, corporate governance and financial management

The secret of our success is very simple – “Well organized and efficient work at every stage of performance”.