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Iberia Real Estate Architectural "Studio" is one of the most important units of the company. Iberia Real Estate employees leading Georgian architects alongside their junior colleges. Today there are 17 professional architects and constructors working in the Studio. The Studio actively participates in local and international architectural contests and exhibitions:

Professional Architectural Awards

2007 - Tbilisi municipality award for project for multifunctional complex near subway station “Akhmeteli”
2007 – Ministry of Education and Science award for Vaziani public school project.
2006 – “Cartu Group” first award for Ozurgeti Medical Center.
2006 – International Architectural Contest “Golden Capitol” third award for residential building in Tbilisi, 11 Chitadze str.
2006 - “Cartu Group” second award for project “Georgian House ” in Sachkhere.
2006 - “Cartu Group” second award for project “Swimming Pool ” in Sachkhere.
2005 – International Architectural Contest “Golden Capitol” third award for project “residential complex in Bagebi”
2005 – Georgian Architects Union annual contest award for best project of the year - “residential complex in Bagebi”

Projects of the studio were exhibited at Venetian Biennale 2006 and were acknowledged and praised by the president of UIA (Union of International Architects) Mr. Gaetan Siew.

Iberia’s Architectural Studio is responsible for architectural support and project management of Iberia’s projects and has close relations with other departments of the company, such as marketing, sales, business development. Studio has professional relationship with the City Architectural Department, union of Georgian Architects, and other domestic and foreign architectural-construction organizations.